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27th February

This week we are learning to work out how to order 4 numerals. To help us see this clearly we made 10 towers from 1-10 and then chose 4. We put them in order from shortest to tallest and then said the number in each tower.
Picture 1
Picture 2

In group work we

  • Arranged frogs on a baseboard- some on a log and some in the pool. We then said the story sum
  • Made two tone towers - we made 2 towers eac one a different colours. We then put one on top of the other and said the story sum eg 2 red cubes and 3 green cubes altogether makes 5 cubes.
  • We used coins to buy something from Mrs Cumming's Farm Shop.
We had great fun pouring and filling plastic cups-some the same size and others different sizes. We tried to work out what level the water would reach if we poured from a smaller cup into a bigger cup. Then we tested it out! Some of our guesses were perfect!! It was fun pouring from a bigger cup into a smaller cup. There were a few very wet tables.