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22nd May

This week we are partitioning sets of 8 on butterfly baseboards and learning how to count on from the largest number when adding 2 sets together.

Picture 1

We were given 3 tricky challenges in our group tasks.

  1. Dominoes.  We worked in pairs to find all the doubles. We made a 'doubles' wall' before playing a game. One person closed their eyes while the other took a domino away. We had to work out which domino was missing.
  2. Bee bots. Everyone made a wand with 5 green and red cubes.. Green meant bee bot should move forwards and red backwards.. Each person programmed a bee bot to move along a flower pathway following the colours on their wand. Some of us were able to predict where bee bot would arrive on the path.
  3. Weight. We had to compare and order plant pots (filled with different amounts of sand) according to their weight. We the checked it using the balance scales.