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13th March

We worked in pairs. One of us had made a set of objects. The other person had to estimate how many there were before checking they were correct by touch counting each object.
Today we worked in 3 teams to sort pictures of farm animals on Venn, Carroll and tree diagrams.

Group tasks

  1. Heads Up. We were introduced to this game last week. Today we played it again with a partner.
  2. Memory Match. We played in pairs. We had to turn over 2 cards. If the farm animal price tag matched the coin we kept both cards.
  3. Counting tasks. We counted, worked out number after and before, solved farm animal addition problems and estimated how many farm animals on a page.
Our challenge today was to make 2d shapes using lolly sticks. We realised we couldn't make a circle from lolly sticks. We talked about other  materials twe could use to make a circle including dough and blankets. We had a go making a circle shape with a piece of wool.